Permanent Bracelet FAQs


What is it?

Violet Moon Permanent Bracelets are dainty and clasp-less bracelets that are custom fit and welded directly onto your wrist!

I use a quick and painless micro-welding technique to connect the ends without a clasp. Your chain is 14k solid gold and requires no maintenance, so you can sparkle effortlessly everyday!

Will it hurt?

Not at all! I use a micro-welder to join the two ends of your bracelet without a clasp. It's a quick process that is fun and totally painless!

I'll ensure you're safe and comfortable!

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is highly recommended to save your spot, but I will try to accommodate walk-ins! Please schedule your appointment here.

What metals do you use for the bracelets?

I use 14k solid gold for your permanent bracelets. Since they're permanent, we want them to sparkle without any maintenance! Solid gold is also more durable than other metal options.

What is the cost of a permanent bracelet?

The bracelets range from $150-$220 depending on the style of chain you choose. 

Afterpay is available at checkout so you can pay in 4 interest-free installments.

The appointment deposit of $40 is applied to the bracelet purchase.


    • 14k Solid Gold Aurora: $154 ($114 due at time of appointment)
    • 14k Solid Gold Stella: $168 ($128 due at time of appointment)
    • 14k Solid Gold Luna: $188 ($148 due at time of appointment)
    • 14k Solid Gold Carmela: $212 ($172 due at time of appointment)

How long will my bracelet stay on?

Your bracelet will stay on for as long as you'd like! If for some reason, you would like to remove your bracelet, simply cut the chain and save it if you'd like me to re-weld it in the future.

What if my bracelet breaks?

Because your bracelet has no clasp and is measured to perfectly fit your wrist, it should not break. However, if it does break, please save your chain and I'm happy to re-weld it for you at no cost.

If the chain is missing, a new chain will need to be purchased.

Can I go through airport security?

Absolutely! TSA does not ask you to remove fine jewelry, so you'll be able to take your permanent bracelet with you on all your adventures!

Can I get an MRI?

Your permanent bracelet should be removed before an MRI. Save your chain and I can re-weld it for you!

Who should not get a permanent bracelet?

Those with pacemakers should not get a permanent bracelet because of the welding process.

Allergies to solid gold are rare, but those with allergies should not get a permanent bracelet.

Can I host a permanent bracelet party?

Absolutely! I would love to help you celebrate your special event with a permanent bracelet party!

Birthdays, bachelorettes, weddings, corporate events, you name it! Please reach out to me at to get started!

Do you offer group discounts?

I will gladly offer a 10% discount for parties of 6 or more. Please send me an email at so I can ensure I have your desired chain styles in stock!

I'm a minor. Can I get a permanent bracelet?

I'm happy to weld a permanent bracelet on anyone over the age of 10. Those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I give permanent bracelets as a gift?

Absolutely! I would recommend purchasing a gift card for the desired amount here.

Please reach out to me at if you have any other questions!