Why Your Ring is Spinning and What to Do

Why Your Ring is Spinning and What to Do

Dealing with a spinning ring? If yes, then we need not tell you how irritating it is because you already are living the nightmare. What we can, however, tell you is what causes a spinning ring and some of the best solutions in the quick guide below.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ring is Spinning

A spinning ring is not just annoying, but it can also get lost quite easily. If you recently bought that onyx ring you’ve always admired, but it doesn’t one to sit on the right angle, here are some of the reasons that could be happening;

·        It’s Too Big

Your spouse was out of the country for a business trip; she/he came across a beautiful gold ring and thought of you. So, she/he bought it and surprised you with it. Well, that is in every bit charming. The only problem is that it’s spinning. If this is the case, then check to confirm the size. If a ring is even slightly bigger for you, it’ll spin. This is the simple and most common reason why rings spin. Check to see if there’s a gap between it and your finger and if so, then you have a big ring.

·        Large Knuckles

If the ring is your size, but it keeps on spinning, then you probably have big knuckles. People with big knuckles and small fingers usually have a hard time finding a ring that fits well because it’ll fit perfectly round the knuckles, but once they slip the ring beyond it, then it becomes loose. If they go for a ring that fits the finger, wearing or removing it becomes a nightmare because it gets stuck at the knuckle.

·        Imbalanced Setting

If the ring is your size and your knuckles aren’t large, but the ring still spins, then the ring setting is not correctly balanced.  Usually, a properly balanced ring has a thicker base to counter the weight of the gemstone. But if the base is too thick, and the gemstone heavy, it’ll keep on tipping to one side, regardless of how many times you try to keep it upright.

What to Do

If your ring keeps on spinning for either of the reasons above, you can do the following:

·        Try a Quick Fix

If you had already left the house wearing the ring and can’t remove it because you’ll misplace it, you can try a quick fix and look for a solution later. For instance, tie an elastic band or band-aid on the inside of your ring to close the gap between it and your finger. This will prevent it from moving until you’re back home and can look for other solutions like the ones listed here.

·        Exchange it for the Right Size or Resize

If the reason why your ring won’t fit is that it’s too big, then you can always return it to the jeweler, and exchange it for an identical one in your size. But keep in mind, not all jewelers are open to exchanges. If your jeweler falls into this category, then you can have the ring resized to stop it from spinning. However, next time you’re shopping for jewelry, work with a reputable and hospitable jeweler like Violet Moon.

·        Have a Speed Bump Installed

A speed bump is a small ball that is usually soldered inside the shank of the ring to prevent it from spinning. They’re typically two and are placed on each side of the base of the ring to provide anchorage. Speed bumps are the ideal solution if your ring spins due to imbalanced settings.

·        Hinged Shank

If the reason all your rings seem to spin is that you’ve got big knuckles, then you could have the problem fixed through hinged shanks. Rings with hinged shanks are pretty much normal; the only difference is that they usually have a tiny hinge that you can open and close, allowing you to wear your ring by simply fixing it on instead of slipping it down your finger. However, not every jeweler can pull a hinged shank off. Be careful before you commit your precious ring to a jeweler.

·        A Spring Insert

As with all others, the spring insert is usually fixed inside the ring shank. It is a pretty great solution, especially if you have big knuckles because the ring widens over the knuckle, and springs back to a smaller size at the bottom of your finger.


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