Why Silver Jewelry is the Most Preferred Option Over Other Metals

Why Silver Jewelry is the Most Preferred Option Over Other Metals

For a very long time, jewelers have used many types of metals to make precious pieces. New alloys and metals like stainless steel and titanium have also been embraced in the jewel industry. Nonetheless, silver and gold have withstood the test of time and are still used in modern jewelry.

However, silver jewelry has increased in popularity over the past few years because of many reasons. Below are four reasons why silver jewelry is the most preferred option over other metals.

1.   Affordable

It is no secret that silver jewelry for women is cost-effective.  If you compare any silver jewelry with an identical gold item, the silver version will be lower than gold. The price of gold is usually high because it is based on demand and varies depending on the market price. Silver jewelry is more affordable and doesn't change based on market price. Silver jewelryallows you to put on your preferred style and design but at a reduced price.

  1. More Durable

Another reason that makes silver jewelry popular is its durability. Pieces crafted from silver can serve you for a very long time, provided you take good care of them. This is mainly because silver is a hard metal, and some of its alloys are non-corrosive. Even long after purchasing it, a silver jewel will still appear new.

  1. Versatility

Silver jewelry is versatile given its exceptional ability to take on multiple finishes. Silver can be turned into powder or paste, made into wires, and alloyed with other metals to make jewelry. Silver pieces will match with everything in your wardrobe, and you can style them as you wish. For instance, while a diamond silver ring is perfect for an engagement ring, a sterling silver medallion stacking ring is perfect for stacking or completing a casual outfit.

  1. Health Benefits

Wearing silver jewelry has many health benefits. Silver pieces have potent antibiotics and sterilization effects, thus they are beneficial in protecting the body against bacteria, fungus, and germs. Another health benefit of wearing silver pieces of jewelry is that they are useful in balancing elements of the body. For instance, silver is helpful in internal heat regulation and circulation.


Wearing silver minimizes arthritis, reduces pain, and can minimize hypertension signs in the finger joints. Moreover, wearing silver leads to not only increased energy levels but also balances the mood. Silver pieces are also useful in preventing anxieties. Lastly, silver can help people avoid toxin materials because it turns color upon encountering toxins. Nonetheless, some people are allergic to silver. For such people, putting on silver pieces can lead to skin irritation and discoloration. Wear other types of metals if you have a silver allergy.

Update Your Jewelry Box

Apart from making silver popular, the above reasons should make you update your jewelry box with new silver pieces. Check out Violet Moon Jewelry, and feel free to browse the diverse collection of handmade jewelry crafted using silver and other precious metals.

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