What is Ethical Jewelry?

What is Ethical Jewelry?

If you look-up sustainable or ethical fashion tips on Google right now, you’ll get tons of articles telling you to ditch disposable cotton pads for reusable ones, and others advising on how to shop trans-seasonal clothes. Sure, these are helpful tips, but what about ethical jewelry? You’ll hear talks about sustainable makeup products and ethical clothing, but it can be tough to find tips on jewelry sustainability. At Violet Moon, we’re all about eco-friendliness, which is why discussed herein is what you need to know about ethical jewelry.

What is Ethical Jewelry?

Ethical jewelry refers to jewelry that is derived sustainably through fairly paid labor. In other words, it’s jewelry whose production has no negative impact whatsoever on the environment it is produced in, or on the people who produce it. So, how do you determine whether that dainty minimalist chain link bracelet you love so much is ethical? Well, a piece of jewelry is considered ethical only if;

  • You can trace its material back to the source to confirm it was ethically produced
  • It utilizes gemstones
  • It was made using ethical practices, for instance, handmade jewelry
  • No Involuntary or child labor was used during production
  • It was made using recycled materials to minimize the environmental damage caused by mining
  • It’s animal cruelty-free
  • It’s durable and long-lasting to eliminate the chances of it ending up in the environment after a few years

Why Shop Ethical Jewelry?

Unethically sourced jewelry is the root of many evils. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Blood Diamonds is a depiction of how diamonds have been facilitating violence in war-torn areas. So, while you have the freedom to buy your jewelry wherever you fancy, shopping your pieces from sustainable and ethical brands makes the world a better place in so many ways. Below are a few:

1.    Prevents Environmental Degradation

Once they exhaust minerals from a particular mine, some mining companies will often leave open, ugly holes on site. These holes create human hazards and have a negative impact on the environment. Every time you purchase a piece of jewelry whose source you cannot trace, there’s a high chance you’re facilitating the activities of such companies, and consequently, fueling environmental degradation. But by buying from an ethical jeweler, you promote the operations of sustainable companies, hence reducing environmental degradation.

2.    You Create Economic Opportunities

As noted, ethical jewelry is jewelry amassed from fairly paid labor. Purchasing sustainable jewelry creates employment opportunities by ensuring that everyone who was part of its production was adequately rewarded for their labor. Buying handmade jewelry creates employment for the artists and creative minds behind these small eco-friendly brands.

3.    You Create a Ripple Effect

Shopping ethical jewelry motivates those around you to do the same. This creates a ripple effect in that people close to those who’re close to you begin gravitating towards ethical jewelry. This increases the demand for ethical jewelry, and as a result, even unethical jewelry brands are left with no option but to embrace sustainability and transparency so they can stay in business.

Ethical Jewelry: Pieces You Can Proudly Show Off 

You’ll be more proud of your jewelry collection, knowing no one, not even Mother Nature, was hurt during its production. Join the movement today by shopping only from reputable, eco-friendly, and ethical jewelry brands.

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