Top 5 Jewelry Mistakes You Should Avoid

Top 5 Jewelry Mistakes You Should Avoid

Jewelry is an art you use to express your individuality and your style either every day or on specific days. But at the same time, jewelry is still an element of fashion. As with any other fashion element, you can get it wrong without even realizing it. That is why we address the top five most common jewelry mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

1.    Rocking Jewelry Unfit for the Occasion

This is one of the most common mistakes we see people make, and one that we’d like you to avoid. You may have the most stunning gold choker or a pair of elegant diamond earrings, but rocking them to the office will have you looking out of place. Rock the same pair to a dinner date or a nighttime corporate event, and you’ll genuinely look stunning and fit for the occasion.

2.    Layering with Too Many Statement Pieces

Layering is a trend we are here for any day or anytime. Whoever came up with the idea indeed did an excellent job. But while great, it’s a jewelry trend you can quickly go wrong with if you are not careful. One mistake we see people making is layering too many statement pieces. The rule of the thumb with layering jewelry, be it ring stacking or necklace layering is finding one or two statement pieces to become the focal point, then working the rest of your jewelry pieces around it.

3.    Wearing Jewelry that Doesn’t Match Your Hairdo

Yes, you read it right! Even hair does play a role in how your jewelry looks on you. For instance, if you have a pair of stunning drop earrings and you would like them to stand out, wear your hair in a simple classic or tall hair bun. Usually, bold and voluminous hairdos pair well with simple jewelry pieces, while simple hairstyles bring out the best in bold, statement jewelry pieces.

4.    Not Considering the Neckline

We get it; you have that favorite necklace you like rocking with almost every outfit. Sure it works with some of them, but that doesn’t mean it works with everything. Some clothes have necklines that bring out the best in your necklaces, while others have necklines that don’t require a necklace at all.

For instance, with a low neck outfit, an off-shoulder top, or a strapless dress, your neck is usually more exposed. Such a top or dress is the perfect outfit to pair with your statement necklace or gold-filled chain-link choker. It will be instantly noticeable and will draw eyes upwards from the bare chest area.

However, if you’re rocking an outfit with a V-neckline, you’re better off pairing it with a simple, short necklace that sits just below your collarbone. Therefore, the next time you think of rocking that beautiful friendship necklace, make sure it aligns with your outfit’s neckline.

5.    Wearing Dirty Jewelry

Most people make the mistake of assuming that no one can notice dirty jewelry, but unfortunately, people do notice. Any jewelry lover you come across can easily tell that the pair of gold fill hoop earrings you are wearing have lost their once beautiful luster due to hairspray. So make it part of your routine to clean your jewelry regularly.

There are plenty more jewelry fashion tips where these came from. So be sure to check us out regularly, and feel free to browse my diverse array of attractive handmade jewelry.

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