The Top 5 Jewelry Trends for Fall

The Top 5 Jewelry Trends for Fall

There are so many ways to show off who you are from the cut and color of your hair to the clothing and accessories that you wear. If you’re like most people, your tastes likely evolve with you trying out trends to see what fits and what can be left behind. Jewelry is one area of fashion that changes continuously. If you’re willing to explore your options, you’ll probably find something new to love and wear with each season.

The top five jewelry trends for fall are below. This year, you’ll find Pinky Rings, Heavy Metal, Chandelier Earrings, Arts & Crafts, and Pearls topping the list. Experiment with new styles and find what works best for you. Not all trends are created equally, which I know very well, having lived through many during my lifetime.

#1: Pinky Rings

A prime example of boho jewelry is the pinky ring. Subtle yet very exciting, they can be made of many materials, including 14k gold fill and even contain incredible gemstones of all shapes, sizes, and styles. A remarkable accessory that you can wear with any outfit, pinky rings dazzle. They can be small and dainty or big and chunky. You can even stack the two by choosing a ring size that is slightly larger than another to wear on your pinky.

#2: Heavy Metal

Rock stars aren’t the only ones that can sport bold pieces of metal jewelry. One of today’s hottest trends is heavy metal. Abstract shapes that are voluminous seldom disappoint. They’re eye-catching and edgy, which works well with certain types of fabric such as leather and suede. If you want all eyes on you when you walk in a room, wear a chunky piece of metal around your neck, on your wrist, in your ears, or on your finger. There’s nothing more punk rock than some heavy metal jewelry to go with your thick black eyeliner!

#3: Chandelier Earrings

It’s a trend that keeps emerging year after year. There’s something beautiful and intriguing about dangly earrings. They’re statement makers and come in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles for great expressiveness. If you want to make an impression, wear your hair up or at a shorter length and choose a pair of earrings that hang dramatically off your earlobes. People can’t help but notice the jewelry because of its size and length.

#4: Arts & Crafts

Handmade is a trend that seldom goes out of style because of how personal each piece is. Today’s arts and crafts jewelry movement have an anything-goes attitude. From bold and flashy to dainty and well-thought-out, each piece makes a statement. The beauty behind handmade items is that they’re wearable art. There’s nothing more fun than finding an artist you love and wearing the unique jewelry they’ve created. It allows you to share their incredible vision with the world.

#5: Pearls

The bigger, the better. Bold pearls are an easy way to dress up an outfit and give it a bit of vintage flair. If you enjoy mixing the old with the new, you can incorporate a vintage strand of pearls with a chic modern top. Extra-long shoulder-dusting pearl earrings made their debut on the runway this season. If you’re not in love with the look, you can always opt for a pretty bracelet or cocktail ring featuring pearls instead. Pearls come in an array of colors and shapes, too, making it, so you never grow tired of wearing them.

Express Yourself With Beautiful Fall Jewelry

Explore the hottest trends for jewelry this fall. You have many options to choose from that allow you to express yourself. When choosing signature pieces, consider your personality, preferences, experiences, and values. Allow those things to help you pick out pieces that look and feel like be-you-tiful you!

You may find that mixing and matching fall trends creates a signature look that you love. That’s the beauty of jewelry! You can step up your wardrobe by using certain pieces to share your unique views of the world. There are no hard or fast rules governing what you can or cannot wear. Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean that you can’t make up new ways to accessorize with it.

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