Style Tips for Wearing Gold Jewelry

Style Tips for Wearing Gold Jewelry

Silver jewelry might be popular, but gold jewelry is timeless. It is warm, versatile, alluring, and seamlessly adds an element of glamor and sophistication to any outfit. It signifies beauty, class and sass and will never go out of style. But just as with any other metal, you can quickly get it wrong. We at Violet Moon Jewelry are here to ensure that never happens. We put together style tips for wearing gold jewelry, so you look like a gem the next time you sport your favorite gold necklace or ring.

Choose the Right Outfit Colors

Some colors pair better with gold jewelry than others. These shades tend to accentuate the element of sophistication, glamor and drama in the gold metal better than the rest. For instance, pairing a black, emerald green or silver outfit with gold jewelry creates this remarkable contrast that makes your gold ring, necklace, or bracelet automatically stand out. Vibrant shades of marigold, citrine, burnt orange, or orange sapphire look stunning and bold when paired with gold jewelry.

Therefore, the next time you want people to notice your gold-filled crescent necklace, consider pairing it up with such colors. Alternatively, look for other hues you like that will bring out the sophistication factor in your gold jewelry.

Let Your Gold Shine

If you want people to notice your new gold-filled twisted stacking ring, then you have to go easy on the rest of your jewelry. Sure you love your gold necklace or bracelet, but if you want people to notice the ring, then you have to let it shine by keeping your look uncluttered. In other words, don’t wear every gold piece in your jewelry box. Stick to that one stacking ring and a simple necklace. Remember to wear contrasting colors, and if possible, stick to a plain top or scarf as patterned ones compete for attention with the gold jewelry piece you are trying to show off. In other words, choose a statement piece and work the rest of your outfit around it.

Remember Gold Exists in Other Shades

Yellow gold is the most popular and the purest form of gold. But remember, it isn’t the only shade available. There are some other pretty amazing and beautiful shades such as rose, white, and in some cases, even green gold. So, while you are out here trying to rock gold jewelry, you can always pair the different shades to make your style stand out. For instance, if you have a white or rose gold chain, you can layer it with your gold fill bar necklace and a pair of gold hoop earrings. The rose gold will create a perfect contrast and complement your look. The rule of the thumb when layering necklaces is wearing different lengths. That is why we suggested a rose gold chain and a yellow gold bar necklace, so keep this in mind while layering your gold metal neckpieces.

It’s the first day of July, the heat is on the rise, we’re all going for the lighter outfits, and there’s no better time to let your gold jewelry shine than now. Just ensure you follow the tips above, so you don’t end up a fashion faux pas.

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