Necklines and Necklaces: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Necklines and Necklaces: How to Accessorize Like a Pro

If you’re anything like me, you love to express yourself through clothing and jewelry. You likely have a closet filled to the brim with beautiful blouses, darling dresses, and terrific tank tops and a jewelry box with necklaces of various lengths. Mastering pairing the right trinkets with the right necklines takes practice. Having a guide to follow makes it so much easier.

Refer to these suggestions often whenever you need to know which necklace works best with the neckline you’re sporting. That way, you’ll always have the perfect pairing no matter what you choose to wear. You’ll also know what length and type of necklaces to buy whenever you get a new top or dress to put on.


A shorter pendant that’s chunkier works well with a scoop neckline. Think thicker crystals or gems such as turquoise or onyx. It fills in the space between your neck and your chest bone well when it has volume.


The emphasis is entirely on the neck on strapless tops and dresses. A tight-fitting choker made of stones or beads complements the look. You can choose one that attaches with a chain or ties in the back, whichever feels the most comfortable for you.


A boxier neckline calls for more angular cut pendants. If you choose to wear this style of clothing, it’s a great time to pull out your geometric-shaped gems because they’ll stand out beautifully. One enjoyable thing to do is wear triangular stones because it creates a beautiful illusion to see the square neckline with a different shaped pendant.


Carved bead pendants are also an excellent choice because they get a lot of attention with less material around the neck to compete with. A sweetheart neckline adds shape to the bust and can be very pretty when paired with the right necklace. It’s the perfect combo for special events such as weddings and nights out on the town.


You need a uniquely-shaped necklace to pull off a v-neck. A v-shaped necklace prevents the jewelry from falling under the material of the blouse or dress you’re wearing because it hangs nicely. It falls beautifully on the neck and complements the style of the attire well.


Slimmer, daintier chains, and pendants are ideal.  14k gold filled jewelry works well with a halter neckline because the volume of the chain and pendant don’t compete with the fabric tied or fastened around the neck. You can experiment with different lengths of chains to see which work best with the clothing that you’re wearing.


Shirts or dresses with a collar call for shorter necklaces. You can opt to don something with a large pendant or choose a smaller charm or talisman. Small doesn’t equate to boring, so pick something with personal symbolism that you enjoy putting on.


A long chain or pendant works best because of all the material that covers the neck on a turtleneck. It’s a great time to layer different lengths of necklaces, too, because you have a lot of area to experiment with. During colder weather months where layered clothing is the norm, you’ll find more than one piece of jewelry around the neck looks exceptional.

Master Pairing Necklaces with Necklines

Nail necklines and necklaces like a pro by implementing them into your daily routine. You now know what makes a winning combination. Experiment with the jewelry and clothing you currently own to come up with pairings that express your unique personality and style.

The only neckline that doesn’t have a necklace to match is a cowl. Due to the placement of its folds, it can be challenging to show off jewelry worn around the neck. In that case, a beautiful pair of earrings do the trick. Anything that dangles from the ears looks fantastic with a cowl blouse or dress.

Express Yourself with Earrings, Bracelets, and Rings, Too!

Bracelets and rings always work well with whatever you’re wearing. If you find that you want to express yourself even further, mix and match different pieces in your jewelry box until you’ve created a look that you love. That’s the beauty of accessorizing.

You can wear as few of items as you want or pile them on. Freedom of expression is invigorating. It allows you to blend in or stand out in a crowd!

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