Must Have Prom Jewelry and How to Wear Them

Must Have Prom Jewelry and How to Wear Them

Before deciding what you want to put on, in regards to your dress, hair, or the perfect jewelry, it is essential to put in your mind what you want as the end result in a perfect prom night. It’s the color and the style of the dress you plan to wear that will determine the type of accessories and hairstyle that you will put on. Yes! Finding the perfect dress is a hassle, but so are the shoes and jewelry. However, the brighter side is that you will be creating a lifetime memory, and you have to ensure that it is perfect.

The jewelry you choose, may it be silver or gold or whatever you come up with, should complement your look in every aspect. Below is a list of all the jewelry that you need on your prom and how you should wear them.

1.   Earrings

The choice of earrings is mostly determined by the way you plan to style your hair that day. If you plan to hold your hair up, then statement earrings are the to-go choice, but if you are wearing it down, studs will be a better choice. Also, the color of your dress will determine if you go for something colorful or plain. If you are unsure of what you want to pick, you can talk to your trusted artist for advice.

2.   Bracelets

A sophisticated handmade bracelet will make you look sleek and elegant. However, you should consider how your dress looks like. A simple dress will require a detailed bracelet and vice versa. Also, if your dress has long sleeves, you might consider skipping on the bracelet. You don’t want something that will make you look like a clown.

3.   Rings

Handmade Rings are the perfect add-on jewelry that will make you look sophisticated and classy if balanced well with your dress and your jewelry well in terms of the color and the details. They compliment your look, giving you that trendy and elegant look if you know how to rock them. Just remember not to wear a ring if you are putting on a statement bracelet.

4.   Necklaces

Your prom necklace choice is wholly dependent on the neckline of your dress. This is because you want an accessory that will complement your neckline. Go for the usual prom necklaces, that is, either a collar necklace or a delicate choker. If your dress has a deep neckline, then a long necklace will be perfect, and if it has a higher neckline, then go for the short ones. Also, check the details of your dress to ensure that you don’t have too much on you.

5.   Tiaras and Headbands

This elegant feminine jewelry makes you look stylish if you blend them well. Before you settle on a particular one, make sure that it will balance with your other accessories. Also, consider how you plan to have your hair. Remember, you can’t put on two statement pieces. If your tiara or headband is a statement piece, wear only simple studs to avoid that funny look.

Handmade jewelry will always ensure that everything is customized to your liking. Visit my website to get the best jewelry for all your events.

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