Insights on Passing on Heirloom Jewelry to Your Children

Insights on Passing on Heirloom Jewelry to Your Children

The novel Corona Virus Disease has been a blow to all of us. Worse still, you have to look for alternative ways to celebrate important days, such as your daughter’s birthday. What do you do when you had promised her a big party, and now you aren’t in control? Well, worry not because you can still give her the heirloom jewelry you’ve preserved for years. Here are some valuable insights into heirloom jewelry.

When is it Considered Heirloom Jewelry?

You might be wondering if your jewelry pieces fit in the heirloom jewelry category. To start with, the jewelry must be outstanding. Therefore, handmade pieces make perfect heirloom jewelry. They have a charm not found in ordinary pieces. It is even better if they come with a story. Does the necklace remind you of your younger years? Did you learn a valuable lesson during that time? I’m sure you did. Tell your daughter the story as you pass on the gift.

Besides being unique, the jewelry must be of high quality. Although heirloom jewelry goes beyond monetary value, quality matters. For instance, 14k gold is a perfect choice since it will last for generations to come. How about keeping the family tradition alive forever?

Common Heirloom Jewelry Choices

There are no rules when it comes to heirloom jewelry. They can be of any shape or form. That notwithstanding, I compiled a list of some of the popular picks. Take a look.

  1. A Bracelet

Bracelets are simple, but not any less sophisticated. Better still, you can customize one for your daughter easily from the comfort of your home. Besides, a bracelet will always be fashionable even as other pieces go out of style. Your daughter can wear the bracelet anytime since it will go well with anything.

  1. A Ring

I’m sure an engagement ring is the first thing that came to your mind. But don't limit yourself! The only thing you have to worry about is the size, since getting it resized might prove hard given the current pandemic. But fear not: if the ring doesn't fit, she can make it a necklace pendant.

  1. Earrings

Though they may be small, they are the perfect choice. They are an even better choice since they are a piece of must-have jewelry. If the earrings are of good quality, they can stand the test of time and can be passed from generation to generation.

  1. A Necklace

You can choose one of your favorite necklaces and give it to your daughter. She will have a story to tell for years to come. It doesn't matter if it's long or short; what matters is the personal touch. Unfortunately, you might not get the chance to engrave a special message on the pendant. However, you can save that for after the pandemic.

Although you might be forced to change celebration plans, don’t let your daughter’s special day pass just like any other. Your elegant jewelry pieces can come in handy. Check out my site for more insights on jewelry as well as stylish handmade pieces.


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