How to Wear Layered Necklaces

How to Wear Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are a fashion trend that never grows old. They not only showcase your individuality but also elevate a casual look into a chic ensemble. However, most people haven’t mastered the art of layering different necklace lengths, textures, and colors. Here are some tips to help you:

1.    Use Necklaces with Different Lengths

This is one secret that never grows old when layering necklaces. The different lengths help create a stacked look. You can wear a 14.5-inch choker, a 16-inch bar necklace, and an 18-inch pendant necklace. If ordering the pieces from a jewelry shop, you can customize the sizes to your liking.

2.    Pair Bold with On-Trend Pieces

The idea is to create a bold statement. As such, you can wear a heavy chain with a stylish coin necklace and pair it with an off-shoulder top. Be sure to choose chains with varying textures and weights to bring out the bold part of the look. Silver, beaded, or silver-like necklaces make excellent pieces for this look.

3.    Mix Up the Metals

Silver, gold, yellow, and rose gold make great options for layering necklaces, and you are not restricted to wearing one kind. Mixing them up creates a look that will be turning heads. Pair two metals for one look, but if you are adventurous, you can combine three types.

4.    Add Beaded Layered Necklaces

If you are big on boho-themed looks, long beaded necklaces make excellent jewelry for layering. You can add pieces with animal elements or tassel pendants to complete the boho style. Be sure to focus on natural and earthy tones when choosing the beaded necklace as the colors are associated with this style.

5.    Wear V-Neck or Low Cut Tops

Layered necklaces stand out more when lying directly on the skin. As such, V-neck tees and off-shoulder tops make great ensembles for showing off your stacking skills. Also, clothing with dark monotones makes gold or silver necklaces stand out more. If you don’t like showing off your skin, try layering on turtlenecks.

6.    Pair with Big-Knitted Cardigans

Winter doesn’t have to wear down your sense of fashion. Layered necklaces still make your warm clothing pop. Try pairing big-knitted cardigans with delicate pendant necklaces for a comfortable and modern look. Be sure to use different lengths, especially when pairing them with V-neck sweaters or open cardigans. For a more discreet appearance, layer up several silver or dainty golden necklaces.

7.    Personalize Your Necklace

Some necklaces come with a bar or circular pendants that you can engrave a name or initials to create a personalized piece. Alternatively, personalize the stack by adding a necklace made of your birthstone.

8.    Pair with an All-Black Top or Dress

If looking to create a chic and classy look, pair a long golden necklace with an all-black dress or top. This look is feminine and timeless. You can accessorize your hands too using delicate rings to complete the look.

Layering necklaces is not as complicated as it seems. With these few tips, you can layer your necklaces and pair them with the right outfit. Whether you are wearing formal or casual clothing, layered necklaces make any outfit pop.

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