How to Transform Your 2021 Jewelry Box

How to Transform Your 2021 Jewelry Box

At this point, there is no doubt you've already set your resolutions for the year. You've vowed to transform yourself into a better person than you were last year, and that's great. But do your resolutions extend to your jewelry box? If no, don’t fret — we got you.

Here are a few tips to help you transform your jewelry box into the best one you've ever had to take you through the months ahead.

1. Ditch What You No Longer Wear

It can be hard to throw out jewelry, but if you no longer wear it, then it might be time to purge it. That old bracelet you bought three years ago is what is filling your jewelry box. That pair of earrings you last wore on your dinner date a year ago is what makes you think you've got enough jewelry only to realize you don't whenever you are heading out.

In other words, your old jewelry is why you keep on losing earring backs and why your organizer is always a mess. Go through your jewelry organizer today and get rid of anything unused for over a year. The rule of the thumb here is — if you can't see it, chances are you never and won't wear it.

Note, you don't have to throw it away. You can give it to your little sister, who's always stealing your jewelry to help them start their collection. Alternatively, you could sell it.

2. Clean Your Organizer and Start Creating a New Collection

Once you do away with what you no longer wear, clean your jewelry organizer. Alternatively, you could get a new one or be creative with what you have at home. For instance, you can spray paint a tree branch and use it as your jewelry display holder.

Moreover, take note of what you have so your little sister doesn’t steal it again. Taking inventory of your remaining jewelry will also help you determine what pieces you need to buy soon. For instance, if you’ve done away with most of your rings, then create a new collection by shopping unique handmade rings.

3. Add Personalized Jewelry

Keeping up with trends is excellent, but it also feels good to wear something unique and exclusive. In respect to that, add personalized pieces to your collection. For instance, instead of buying a plain bracelet that you can find anywhere, get yourself a unique, handmade black onyx bracelet. Do this with the rest of your jewelry pieces as well.

4. Clean Existing Jewelry

Your jewelry needs some cleanup as well. For this task, you can choose to go for a ready jewelry cleaning solution or create a homemade one. If your collection is mainly gold and gemstones, create a cleaning solution using water, dish soap, and seltzer water. You can use a soft brush to get the job done. This will helps restore the shine in the beautiful gold necklace your best friend brought you as a gift.

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