How to Clean Your Silver and Gold Jewelry

How to Clean Your Silver and Gold Jewelry

You probably wear some jewelry pieces every day, while you reserve some for special occasions. Nevertheless, all of these pieces need some cleaning. The pieces come into contact with things such as lotion and dust, which make them dull. But with a bit of polishing, your gold and silver jewelry pieces can come back to life. Cleaning your pieces is not rocket science, it is far from it. You can do it from the comfort of your home. Read through to master this skill.

Cleaning Gold

To give your gold pieces the perfect shine, all you need is warm water and some dish soap. Mix the two to get a solution. You can use this solution to clean any piece, such as bracelets and earrings. You will also need a strainer to place smaller pieces such as stud earrings before dipping them in the solution. However, for the larger pieces, you can dip them directly. Let the jewelry sit in the solution for about five minutes. You can turn them around to make sure each part of the jewelry is clean.

Then take them out of the solution and place them on a clean cloth. To get rid of any dirt in crevices and chain links, brush gently using a toothbrush. Then rinse all pieces with running water. Don’t forget to place small pieces on a strainer. Use a soft fabric to part your jewelry dry. They should look new already!

Cleaning Silver

If your silver jewelry pieces are tarnished, don’t fret. You can reclaim the shine. The most effective way to clean them up is using a silver polish. However, liquid polishes can easily create a mess. Therefore, wipes are the best alternative. Besides getting rid of the tarnish, the polish also leaves behind a coating, ensuring that your pieces don’t tarnish ever again.

“What happens if I have no silver polish at hand?” You might wonder. Many solutions can work for you at home. Unfortunately, unlike the polish, they won’t prevent the tarnish from crawling back. Here are the top three solutions.

  1. Baking Soda

If your jewelry is heavily tarnished, take three parts of baking soda for one part of water to make a thick paste. Wet the pieces then use a soft fabric to apply the paste. Be sure to work on crevices and chain links as well. Once the cloth has picked all the tarnish, rinse thoroughly and dry using a soft cloth.

  1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste has so many uses apart from keeping your teeth, and gums healthy. Among them is removing tarnish from silver jewelry. Rub some white paste gently on your pieces either using your fingers or a clean piece of cloth. Then use some warm water to rinse thoroughly and clean fabric to dry.

  1. Dish Soap

Just like gold pieces, silver jewelry can also be cleaned with dish soap. Mix a few drops with warm water. Then dip a clean fabric into the solution and use it to remove tarnish on your pieces. Rinse and dry using a soft cloth.

Don’t dispose of your Violet Moon Jewelry because they look dull. Use the above tips and keep your pieces beautiful longer. Moreover, this is a perfect way to keep occupied especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period when everyone is indoors.


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