Expert Tips: 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Handmade Jewelry

Expert Tips: 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Handmade Jewelry

It’s a new year and a new decade, and probably you’ve set some goals — among them may be adding a personal touch in everything that you have, including purchasing some handmade jewelry from your favorite artist. After buying these beautiful pieces that you can’t wait to put on, you need to know that taking great care of your handmade accessories plays a significant role in their longevity.

Just like every jewelry that you own, handmade accessories need some attention and care to keep them sparkling. The extra precautions listed below will keep your jewelry looking as good as new, and therefore you should adhere to them.


  • Store Your Jewelry Appropriately


Knowing how to store your handmade jewelry is very crucial. This is because even the well-crafted pieces can be affected if stored inappropriately. Your accessories should not knock against each other or tangle. This is due to the vulnerability of their materials, among them pearls and gems which need proper care. Ensure that you store your jewelry separately and ensure that the jewelry bags are tarnish-resistant.


  • Wear Your Jewelry in  the Appropriate Time


Your jewelry is very delicate thus should not be exposed to any chemicals, especially when you are working. The chemical products that are in cleaning products are very harsh and often remove the finishing in your jewelry. Also, avoid going to the pool and the spa with your jewelry on because chlorinated water causes color change to your accessories. Always remove them and put them right back when you are done.


  • Clean Your  Jewelry 


Regular cleaning of your handmade jewelry is very vital. This is because the dirt that comes from the things that you do and things that you never even thought could destroy your accessories, should be removed off your beads and pearls. The oil from your skin and dust from the air are not too friendly to your handmade jewelry. Always ensure that you clean each jewelry with the respective cleaner. Pay more attention to beaded jewelry and gemstones because they can be destroyed by the cleaners meant for metals. Consult your artisan on what to use because they are in a better position to give advice on this. Also, they know when your jewelry needs that professional cleaning.


  • Jewelry Should Be the Last Thing to Wear


Put on jewelry after you’ve done everything that you have to do in your household, and after you’ve put on make-up and hairspray. This is because lotions, hairsprays, and also your perfumes have harsh chemicals that are not friendly to your jewelry. Also, remember that it is essential that your jewelry is always dry to avoid damage.


  • Exposure to light


Exposing your jewelry to heat and light should be done with modesty. This is because jewelry is very vulnerable to heat, and when you expose them for a long time, they might bleach or crack.

Ensuring that your handmade jewelry is taken care of is very crucial if you want it to last longer. Also, getting an artisan who has in-depth knowledge of jewelry and who can meet all your accessories wants is very helpful. Check out my website to get the best handmade jewelry that will add a sparkle to your outfit.

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