Essential Ring Stacking Tips You Need to Try

Essential Ring Stacking Tips You Need to Try

Do you have a whole stack of rings in your jewelry organizer you want to show off regularly? If yes, then why not stack them! Embellishing your fingers with a stack of gorgeous rings not only allows you to show off your collection but also personalizes your style. It also draws more attention to your beautiful, freshly manicured nails. But while excellent, ring stacking can quickly go wrong. Wear too few, and it loses the oomph factor. Stack too many rings, and it becomes a disaster. The good news is that with the simple ring stacking tips below, you can always get it right.

Don’t Be Scared to Mix Things Up

Do you love some color? If yes, then you can let this reflect on your style by stacking different metals. For instance, if you love colors but like to play it safe, you can play around with yellow and white gold rings.

But if you have no problem going all the way, you can also do yellow gold, silver, and platinum rings. The rule of the thumb is to choose a dominant color and then stack the rest around it. For instance, wear a plain sterling silver ring first, then add a bold gemstone piece, such as an orange carnelian ring, followed by a plain platinum band. Since silver and platinum are almost the same color, the orange carnelian ring will add a pop of color to the stack.

Alternatively, you could wear a 14K Gold fill chevron stacking ring on the top of your middle finger, and then wear slim, sterling silver bands on the other fingers.

Keeping it Minimal

If you are into the ring stacking trend but don’t like being too bold with your style, then we’ve got some good news for you: You can stack your rings, and keep the look so simple and stylish! How? Well, there are several ways to achieve a minimal ring stacking look. The first one is stacking one finger, instead of all of them. This will create a clean yet very stylish look.

If you like ring stacking on different fingers but at the same time want to maintain a simple yet sophisticated style, then another way is to wear slim bands on three of your fingers. Stack them in different positions. For instance, stack two thin bands on your pinkie, then add one with a stone on your middle finger, and two plain, slim bands on the middle finger. You can do this for both hands, or one depending on how minimal you want your look to be.

Keep it Simple on Other Jewelry

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to ring stacking. You are free to experiment with whatever is in your jewelry organizer. But if you don’t want to end up looking like a little girl who accidentally came across her mother’s jewelry box, go easy on other jewelry. You want your stacked rings to be the statement pieces on your outfit, and not make them compete with layered necklaces. Therefore, leave your wrists bare, wear a very simple necklace, and earrings so your rings can stand out.

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