Being Intentional with Your Choices of Crystals and Gemstones

Being Intentional with Your Choices of Crystals and Gemstones

Hey, starshine! Welcome to the wonderful world of crystals and gemstones. It’s a radiant place to be full of positive vibes, healing powers, and so much natural beauty packed into every amazing selection you add to your collection. If you’ve never shopped for crystals or gems before, you’re in for a treat because behind each one is a purpose that could resonate well with you.

To better understand what I’m suggesting, you must know the meaning behind some of the most incredible stones on the planet. That way, whenever you need some extra good juju, you’re able to adorn yourself with the right jewelry to meet your needs.

Consider this your short but informative guide to the most popular gems you can get your hands on today.


The green stone is good for heart energy and nervousness. It encourages a person to take action, so it’s what you want to use to feel motivated to complete a task or take the plunge and do something you’ve been putting off, such as switching jobs or traveling around the globe. It’s the equivalent of ‘beast mode’ in crystal form.


One of the crystals that give you the most bang for the buck is amethyst. Its high vibration makes it a healing stone that transforms negative thoughts and even helps relieve the symptoms of painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Its beautiful purple color makes it a rockstar gem to wear on the body.


A great stone for using during spiritual practices such as meditation, it promotes emotional balance and self-expression. The warm orange color of citrine reminds you of the lifeforce within you and the radiant healing power of the sun. Citrine is a manifestation stone that attracts wealth, too.


Available in a rainbow of colors with each offering different healing powers, this crystal is among the best for tapping into creativity. It’s highly stimulating to the mind and comes in blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, and rainbow hues. Each is very different in appearance and nature, but all are good for helping heal the body and mind.


Labradorite keeps you balanced and evokes the qualities of leadership in your life. It’s also the perfect crystal to accompany you on a spiritual journey. If you’re hoping to expand your consciousness, this gem is one to look into.


This unique stone is all about unconditional love and acceptance. It makes a great pendant to be worn near the heart where it gets its most power. It’s an excellent option to lean on when you’re going through tough transitional stages of your life.

Quartz Crystal

Thought to be an amplifier, clear quartz crystal is an excellent supporter of the pineal gland. It helps lighten the mood by dispelling feelings of grief and sadness. It’s known as a ‘Universal Healer’ because of the balance it can bring to your life in all areas of importance, such as love, health, career, relationships, and spirituality.

Tiger Eye

If you’re having trouble taking responsibility for yourself, this stone can help you be more disciplined mentally and emotionally. If you’re a chronic procrastinator, it can motivate you to take action. Practicality is the purpose of this exquisite and beautiful stone.


Another stone great for manifesting, topaz builds faith. It allows you to connect with your higher self. If you’re looking to up-level your life, this is the stone to do it with.


This master healing stone is one that is great for protecting the physical body. It’s a natural detoxifier and perfect for carrying or wearing while traveling. It also promotes healthier communication as well as boundless creativity.

Although gold isn’t a gem but a precious metal conductor of electricity, it makes the perfect setting to place stones into. It helps purify and balance the energy in the body. You’ll find that many powerful stones are often set in gold as a way to amplify their power.

There are far more crystals and gems for you to explore at your convenience. This list highlights some of my favorites, as well as the more powerful stones used to make jewelry today. Experiment with wearing your favorite gems, and remember to cleanse and charge them regularly to keep them high vibe!

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