Are Pearls Still Trendy in 2020?

Are Pearls Still Trendy in 2020?

Pearls are a staple accessory for royal families. You’d hardly see the Queen or the Duchess of Cambridge without adorning pearl earrings or necklaces. Does it mean pearl jewelry is reserved for royalties?

Certainly not, the classic pearl is a timeless accessory the modern woman still finds useful. They have made a comeback in the last couple of years, becoming the hottest trend in 2020. However, to contemporize the classic pearls, jewelers have fine-tuned them, adorning them with spikes and edgier, modern designs.

How Pearls Lift a Look

Pearls are not designed for formal occasions only -- you can use them to uplift a casual look. It’s the main reason they have become trendy, even in 2020. A pearl necklace, for example, can elevate an everyday look into a smart casual appearance.

Here is how to pair pearls with modern clothing

Layer the Pearls

Gone are the days when a simple strand of pearls would make a difference. It would help if you layered two, three, or four pieces. A classic example is that of Madonna, who’d heap layers of pearls. The 2020 fashion trends seem to borrow a leaf from these quintessential women.

Select a Suitable Pearl Color

Pearls are available in various colors, including gray, gold, pink, black, and lavender. The type of pearl you choose should determine the color you pair with your outfit. Akoya and freshwater pearls, the most common type, are available in white color while Tahitian pearls are darker with beautiful overtones. White pearls flatter cool skin tones while creamy pearls are the best for warm skin.

Choose the Right Shape and Size

Beyond the traditional round shaped pearls, there are oval, tear-drops, and other irregular shapes that make wearing pearls even more interesting for the modern woman. Baroque pearls, for example, are fun, modern, and have a quirky irregular shape that complements everyday wear. The size of the pearls also affects your overall look. Larger pearls are dramatic and statement-making, hence great for an edgy and stylish look, but if looking to create a more relaxed, casual look, smaller pearls blend in better with any attire.

Rethink the Pearl Earrings

Modern pearl earrings no longer stop at simple studs; now, there are dainty pearl earrings that are more fashionable. Also, they are bold, combining Keshi and Baroque pearls with brushed textures and shiny silver. If wondering the kind of pearl earrings you need for this season, consider Pearl 14K Gold Fill Hoop Earrings, which have a unique shape in shiny silver with Baroque pearls balancing them. You can pair them with both casual and formal outfits.

Mix up the Pearls

Modern pearl styles are all about mixing up colors and shapes, and it would help if you applied the same concept when wearing pearls. Baroque pearls, the most common type, are available in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to mix them up for a modern and stylish look. Consider mixing the large and small, creamy pearls with blue, pink pearls with golden while adding black pearls into the mix.

The beauty of pearl accessories is that their luster flattens all hair colors and skin tones while making your eyes pop. Whether you plan to wear them on your big day or pair them with your everyday outfits, pearls make classic jewelry just like gold and diamonds.

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