5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Handmade Jewelry

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Handmade Jewelry

46% of Americans think that making handmade jewelry is becoming more popular. Most people own a few pieces (or if you're like me, A LOT!) of jewelry that they’ve bought for themselves or received as gifts. However, it's infrequent to find handmade jewelry among these pieces.

What’s unique about handmade jewelry is that it’s specifically made with love by the artists. Therefore, purchasing a handmade piece will not only add a touch of style to your collection but also supports creativity. Below are five reasons why you should support this art.

1. Unique and Durable

All handmade pieces of jewelry are made with utmost love and care by the artisans. Therefore, they take pride in what they make and would not jeopardize that with any counterfeit materials. They usually travel far to handpick items that satisfy your needs and preferences as a client. They also make sure to select only the most beautiful and unusual stones that will make your jewelry stand out. By purchasing their jewelry, you’re assured of a unique piece that is rare to find and that will last for a long time.

2. Customized Just For You!

We all have different tastes in style when it comes to fashion. By staying true to yours, you’ll feel happy and contented. Luckily in handmade jewelry, you can conveniently request an adjustment to fit your style. All you have to do is communicate this to your artist who, in most cases, will gladly make adjustments for you.

3. Environmental Friendly

Most handmade pieces of jewelry are from recycled metal or reused stones. This means that they have a smaller carbon footprint — so they are environmentally friendly. By supporting this art, you’ll be helping to conserve the environment through the artisans who recycle the materials and then craft it into beautiful pieces.

Moreover, some artisans set money aside from their business's sales to support a noble cause, such as oceans conservation.

4. Uniqueness

All handmade pieces of jewelry are noticeably unique. Every piece comes with its specific details that you’ll have discussed with your artist. Therefore, it is very rare to find the exact piece of art with someone else. Even if another piece has the same design, the stone or metal is slightly different. Once you wear your unique piece, you’ll automatically stand out!

5. Supporting These Great People

Artistry requires a lot of hard work and devotion. Many talented artisans barely get enough to sustain their livelihoods, especially the ones who are starting their businesses. By purchasing from them, you’ll not only be showing support for their special talents but also supporting their livelihood. Also, you will be supporting some cultural and traditional practices which have the potential to go extinct.

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