5 Basic Jewelry Rules Every Woman Should Abide By

5 Basic Jewelry Rules Every Woman Should Abide By

Your jewelry pieces will speak for you even before you utter a single word. Interestingly, the majority of jewelry owners are aged between 30 and 49 years. However, for the jewelry to work in your favor, you need to wear your pieces with confidence.

Before you appear in public, it would be best if you tried your new ring indoors first. You can then wear it around your close family and friends. After that, you will be ready to flaunt it in public without fear.

Besides confidence, here are five jewelry rules that every woman should know and abide by.

1. One Bold Item at a Time

Being bold is one thing, and wearing bold jewelry pieces is a different thing altogether. One big piece is enough at a time. For instance, you can choose one oversized watch or a wide bracelet. It will make a statement without screaming for attention.

2. Consider the Shape of Your Face

This rule applies to earrings. Did you see your favorite celebrity with a pair, and you want exactly that? You might want to rethink that unless you have the same facial shape.

If you have a round or square face, pendants would be great for you. For an oval face, go for studs, buttons, or short-drop earrings. What if you aren’t sure? Go for loop earrings.

3. Choose a Ring that Flatters your Fingers

Your ring can be a perfect conversation starter. Therefore, you don’t want to take chances. For the ring to flatter your fingers, it has to be in proportion to your hands. Go for smaller rings if you have smaller hands.

Ensure that your rings are not crowed together to strike a balance with other jewelry pieces. Try matching your rings with other accessories such as your belt and watch.

Probably you have a hard time determining which one looks better on you, between gold and silver. Make this decision based on your skin tone. If you have a cool tone, with visible veins, silver would be a better deal. On the other hand, gold looks good on warmer tones, with invisible veins.

4. Choose the Right Necklace Length

A necklace adds some glam to your outfit, but only if you choose the right one. When buying a short necklace, measure your neck to avoid any discomfort.

When choosing a necklace, consider your outfit. Wear a necklace with just the perfect length to show off your pendant. However, ensure that the necklace length balances with your height. Shorter necklaces complement petite frames perfectly.

5. The Bangles

Adventure seekers will, in most cases, wear bracelets. If you are stranded on how to put on yours, stack a number of skinny bracelets.

6. Jewelry is a Fashion Staple

You don’t have to wait to get an invite to a red carpet event to flaunt your pieces. You can throw them on any day, anywhere. They are the right way of conveying your personality. Head to the Shop section of my website to create your collection of handmade jewelry today.

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