4 Ways to Improve Your Jewelry Game

4 Ways to Improve Your Jewelry Game

Accessories can make your outfit look cool. However, styling your jewelry can be a challenging and frustrating task. This is mainly because there are many different factors to consider while wearing jewelry.

However, it doesn’t have to be a hard task because you can learn to properly style your jewelry and have fun when doing it. The following are simple ways to help you improve your jewelry game and be good at it.

  1. Base Your Style on One Centerpiece

The simplest way to accessorize your jewelry is to choose one centerpiece around which you can base the rest of you accessories. The centerpiece can be any cool accessory ranging from a classic wrist watch to a cool bracelet to a cocktail ring. Once you have selected the right centerpiece, combine it with other pieces that are smaller and less flashy. You can also add contemporary pieces, rings, and bracelets around the centerpiece.

As an illustration, you could wear an orange carnelian ring on your middle finger, and wear less conspicuous rings on the other fingers. Since it is a statement ring, it will act as the centerpiece around which you based the other rings.

  1. Mix Metals

Mixing metals is no longer a sin as far as fashion is concerned. Today, it’s highly encouraged for people to mix all types of jewelry metals. Your arms and neck can instantly look elegant by just wearing a few metal pieces of different types.

You can improve your vibrant appearance by wearing pendants that are of different type with the chains or strings they are attached to. Alternatively, think about combining layered necklaces or rings of different metals to complete you outfit.

For instance, you could wear a 14K Gold fill chevron stacked ring on your ring finger, and then wear slim rings on the remaining fingers.

  1. Create Layers

Try wearing rings, necklaces, bangles, and even earrings of different color, shape, and length to create attractive layers with your jewelry. If you are layering bangles, you can create a series of bangles of different texture and colors. For necklaces, create a layer by wearing different lengths.

Even better, you can create a layer with your earrings by wearing more than one pair on one ear. For instance, you could create a layer by wearing a pair of Blue Opal 14k Gold Fill Hoop and simple stud earrings.

  1. Match Your Jewelry With Your Outfit

It is important to consider your clothes, skin color, make-up, and hairstyle while choosing your jewelry. This is because the main purpose of the jewelry is to complement your outfit. Use brightly colored jewels to accentuate your look.

Alternatively, gold jewels look stunning when paired with bright outfits like burnt orange, marigold, or citrine.


After learning ways to improve your jewelry game, the final stage is to update your jewel box to ensure you have enough pieces. Pieces made from vibrant stones, 14k gold fill, and sterling silver can be of great value in your collection for many years. Contact Violet Moon Jewelry today for stunning handmade jewelry.

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