4 Secrets to Building Stronger and Healthier Relationships

4 Secrets to Building Stronger and Healthier Relationships

Someone once said, “Friends are flowers in the garden of life," and as cliché, as it may sound, friends make life more worthwhile. They offer a shoulder to lean on when life becomes too overwhelming, share our joys, teach us to love and forgive and challenge us to achieve our full potential. But between pursuing a career, romantic relationships, and an array of other responsibilities that we face as we age on, it’s easy to put them at the side.

Tips to Help You Build Stronger, Healthier Friendships

The more we age on, the more responsibilities life throws on us. Despite, the busy schedules and many of life’s pressures, friends can be the pillar we need. On that note, here are ways to build stronger, healthier relationships

1. Choose Your Friends Wisely

The secret recipe for developing stronger, healthier, and meaningful friendships is choosing your friends wisely. Don't just assume everyone who you interact with (even daily, for instance, a colleague) has your best interests at heart. Therefore, review your circle of friends today and identify those who have the same energy as you. Choose those who always motivate you to achieve your full potential and help you get back on track when you lose sight of the bigger picture. In other words, identify those who strive to build you and bring them closer. However, this doesn’t mean you cut the rest of the world out. It means you identify who to keep closer.

2. Create Room for Friends in Your Life

You cannot strengthen your friendships if you're always too caught up with your job and your romantic relationships. You cannot approach them only when you need them. Eventually, they’ll feel used and distance themselves. Instead, create room for them in your life so they can feel valued and do the same. For instance, if you're too busy, get into the habit of calling and checking up on them. Plan weekly or monthly hangouts whenever it’s convenient for you all. Go for getaways out of the city or even the country every once in a while. Make it more interesting by getting souvenirs that remind you of the places you visit and also of them.  For instance, getting travel jewelry whenever you visit a new destination will remind you of the memories you made with them as well as keep them closer.

3. Play Fair

If you have two or three friends and they get into an argument, don’t take sides. Stay neutral and instead try to help them work through the argument. Taking sides makes your other friend feel like you’re ganging up against them, and as a result, they start distancing themselves.

4. Make them Feel Appreciated and Valued

Friends add value to your life, and so should you. In other words, don't make your relationship about yourself.  Give them a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on whenever need be. Make their life more fun. For instance, we all love surprises. We all love walking into a room and being surprised by a well-planned birthday party when we had no idea it’s our birthday. Make them feel appreciated by keeping the little details such as birthday dates and their anniversaries in mind. Surprise them with cute gifts such as handmade bracelets and necklace every once in a while. Make them feel loved and appreciated. Let them know they can always count on you.

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