3 Ways to Consider Ethically Mined Stones

3 Ways to Consider Ethically Mined Stones

The true beauty of jewelry is that there isn’t just one way to wear a stone. In fact, there are tons of variations for just one type of stone. Not all stones are created equally, but this applies to more than just looks. As people become more aware of the differences in mining practices, they begin to reconsider the choices they make when buying a stone. Here are three ways to know if your stone was created or mined ethically.

Lab Grown Gems

Lab grown gems are just as beautiful as the real thing but take the guesswork out of ethics. The beauty of stones that are lab grown (especially diamonds) is that you can get the same quality for a much lower price in most cases. Your friends and family won’t know the difference between your lab grown gemstone and its natural counterpart. Don’t be ashamed to take a look at the thousands of lab grown gems of various sizes, shapes, types, and colors!

Ethical Mining

Ethical diamonds are diamonds that have fair humanitarian and wage practices when sourcing the raw material. Companies like Brilliant Earth make an effort to stay conflict free when creating their jewelry. They’ve even partnered with causes like the Rainforest Alliance to bring attention to environmental dangers like global warming. When researching a company, it’s important to cross reference their ethical background via various sources. Make sure those who are working tirelessly to make your stone are receiving fair wages and treatment!

Humanitarian or Environmental Causes

In addition to ethical mining and one example of environmental partnership, Violet Moon Jewelry donates 1% of all sales to ocean conservation. We partner with Surfrider Foundation, a California based company dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our oceans. This is another way to tell if your jewelry provider is making the best decisions for people and the environment when harvesting stones. The backing of local conservation efforts sure does help to ease the mind!

No matter what your style preferences are, it feels good to know that your jewelry comes from a caring place. The numbers and backing don’t lie. When looking into who made your stone, you’ll know if it was sourced with or without ethics. Be sure to do your research and focus on the causes that matter most to you. It’s not just about how something looks, but the purpose and effort behind it.

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